The Association of Otolaryngologists of India (AOI), Kochi Chapter, under the stewardship of Dr. George Varghese, presented a

‘Sepakathon’ by 8 speakers.

Moderated by Dr. George Varghese, Cochin Hospital, the theme was on the speciality f Otolaryngology (ENT) as of today. This

is one speciality which has progressed by leaps and bounds over the last two decades. The high powered microscope and the

nasal endoscope have revolutionised the armamentarium of the young and diligent ENT surgeon of today. He/she has gone

beyond the confines of Ear, Nose & Throat to the surrounding areas like the brain, the Orbit and the Neck. The ENT surgeon

trained in plastic surgery can do many cosmetic procedures like the nasal cosmetic (Rhinoplasty) and fatal surgeries. They have

the extra advantage that the functional aspects can also be looked into, especially while doing rhinoplasty.

The speakers in addition to Dr. George Varghese (functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery & Rhinoplasty) were, Dr. Madhumita

Kumar (epistaxis management by sphenopalatine Arteryligation), Dr. Rajesh Raju George (Endoscopic approaches to the

Orbit), Dr. Praveen Gopinath (Diagnosis & management of CSF leaks), Dr. Idiculla Mathews (Thyroplasty), Dr. Paul Abraham

(Adenotonsillectomy - Facts & myths), Dr. V.D. Pradeep Kumar (Otoscerosis - an inherited hearing loss) and Dr. Mathew Dominic

(Cochlear implant).