Dr Georgy Nainan, Dr V. N Unni, Dr Sudheendran, Dr Ramesh Shenoy

Organ Transplantation is one of the most miraculous achievements of modern medicine. Transplantation technology has advanced over the past two decades especially with the laparoscopic donor nephrectomy. As a result organs and tissues are transplanted successfully saving life and restoring eye sight to hundreds of patients. There is a serious shortage of organ donors with many people waiting, sometimes for years while undergoing difficult and stressful treatment. While the number of patients needing organ transplantation continues to rise significantly there remains a huge shortage of donors and majority die each year waiting for a suitable organ. With this in mind, The Society for Organ Retrieval & Transplantation (SORT) Cochin was registered and is functioning under the patronage of the
Indian Medical Association (IMA) Cochin branch. This is the first registered body in Kerala promoting organ donation and transplantation. The SORT came into being on 20th January, 2000 & was inaugurated by then Deputy Speaker of Loksabha Late Mr. P. M. Sayed. The executive members of SORT include
IMA President, doctors, police officers, journalists, social workers etc.


Main Objectives: To promote the concept of organ donation to save precious life, educate the public about the noble act of organ donation by organizing awareness programmes (with audio visuals), maintain records regarding donors and recipients. To motivate the relatives of the brain dead patients to donate organs, render all assistance to the donorís family, recipients and hospitals in carrying out the retrieval and transplantation process. Activities carried out so far : The first multi-organ transplantation in Kerala was performed in Cochin during June 2004, involving the Amritha and PVS Memorial Hospitals. The entire process of retrieval and transplantation was coordinated by SORT. The donor was a Keralite, US based doctorís father. Donor had eyes damaged in the accident. One person donated his whole body to SORT and was handed over to the Padiyar Memorial Homeopathic College, Chottanikkara. Assistance was provided retrieval of
eyes in 8 patients. More than 1000 persons who have pledged to donate their organs after brain death. SORT undertakes regular awareness programmes in association with Clubs & other organization, displays posters, car stickers and enlarged donor cards. Donor cards are issued to those who pledge their organs to SORT, 1st card was issued to Prof. K.V. Thomas, MLA.Web site, was launched by SORT Chairman Js. K. Narayana Kurup

Sign Donor Cards, Display Enlarged cards in the Consultation Room
Inform SORT about Brain Dead cases

Become members of SORT, support its activities

Help to get financial help to Sort for its activities

Organize meetings with Voluntary Agencies to increase awareness.