Moderator - Dr. K.V. Menon


Everything changes and so also medicine. Thirty years ago Orthopaedics was a subspeciality of general surgery has evolved not only to speciality on its own but with different sub-specialities under it now. What problems [viz: fracture femur] which were previously treated by traction and prolonged bed rest are now being treated by surgery and patient mobilized home in a week or so. Advances in imaging and diagnosis and endoscopic, percutaneous surgery has reduced the mortality and morbidity of many traumatic and non traumatic bone and joint
problems. Arthroscopic techniques have almost made open knee surgery in most instances obsolete. Instrumentation advances have made previous spinal deformity treatment which were thought to be impossible now safe. Advances in bone and tissue regeneration along with microsurgical techniques have mad
made limb salvage possible where previously amputation was the only absolute choice. Severe shortening of the limbs, severe scarring due previous injury, deformities due to very tight soft tissues, bone loss infection are now treatable by distraction histogenisis more popularly known as Ilizarov method. Arthritis, a crippling problem is now treated with joint replacement. In the younger adults hip resurfacing is now fast emerging as the alternative to conventional joint replacement. Total knee replacement arthroplasty has given life back to millions of crippled due to osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis