PVS IMA Scientific Session was focused on advances in the field of gastroenterology and GI Surgery. Dr. Mathew Philip has elaborated upon advances in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy. The ENDOSONOGRAPHY Ultrasonographic evaluation of the internal organs along with endoscopy has the ability to
delineate the internal structures, like different layers of intestine. It can pick up early cancers and at the same time endosonography describes about the depth of penetration and local spread. This modality has the advantage of ability to do therapeutic procedures also. Newly diagnosed early tumour can be eminently managed endoscopically with Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (EMR). The discussion went on up to newer areas of Research in endoscopy like chromo-endoscopy, natural orifice endoscopic surgery (NOTES) and so on. Surgical discussions were based upon advances in GI laparoscopy. Dr. Prakash K. presented about Colorectal surgery laparoscopic revolution. Colorectal cancer can be successfully managed with laparoscopic approach which provides all the benefits of minimally invasive surgery like less pain, less analgesic requirements, early oral feeds, short hospital stay and less morbidity. All this can be achieved without compromising the radicality of the operation. Dr. Prakash has also discussed about the currently available literature of this which has clearly demonstrated with lymphnode harvesting, en-bloc resection of the tumour and radical clearance is comparable with the open surgery. Local recurrence and long term survival are comparable with open surgery in the published randomized trials. Dr. Deepak Varma presented the new advances in GI surgery minimally invasive dimensions. The newer equipments like harmonic scalpel which can help surgeons to perform blood less surgery, three chip camera for better resolution and laparoscopic devices has made significant changes in the field of advanced GI laparoscopy. Hence duodenal ulcer perforation and hydatid cyst surgery can be done effectively. He demonstrated that distal
pancreatectomy can be safely performed laparoscopically and hence avoiding large incision and associated morbidities. He has also given a short discussion about other advanced GI laparoscopic procedures like gastrectomies, repair of ventral hernias and esophagectomy laparoscpically.