Dr. Kishore Dharan, Dr. Babu Francis, Dr. Jose P. Paul, Dr. Binu Upendran

The idea of the session was to go through the effects of some commonly used drugs on the kidney, in which class of patients special precautions must be taken and ways to minimize renal side effects of these drugs. Dr. Kishore Dharan spoke on radio contrast nephropathy, where elderly people, people with pre-existing renal failure and diabetic nephropathy were prone for developing complications. The simple way to minimize complications was to hydrate the patients well prior to contrast administration, especially with saline loading. Dr. Babu Francis spoke on NSAID renal toxicity in elderly patients, and patients with pre-existing renal failure were specially prone for NSAID nephrotoxicity. Therefore it is better to avoid NSAIDS in these populations. Dr. Jose spoke on ways to minimize aminoglycoside
nephrotoxicity i.e. to monitor S. creatinine once in every 3 days, using once daily doses of aminoglycosides, and to restrict its use to less than 7 days at a time.
Dr. Binu Upendran spoke on ACEI & ARBs to recognize population prone for ACEI/ ARB nephrotoxicity is to monitor S. creatinine and S. kt within one week after starting ACEI/ARB if there is a rise in S.Creat >25% from baseline to stop ACEI/ARB.