The ABC of Immediate Trauma Management presented by Indian Society of anaesthesiologists, Cochin Chapter, highlighted the importance of prioritized, sequential, and simultaneous assessment and management of trauma victims. The session was inaugurated by the ISA President Dr. Mathew Varghese T. V. and the meeting was dedicated to the fond memory of Dr. Joy Thomas who was the founder member of ISA Cochin Chapter. Dr. Mohan A. Mathew from Lakeshore Hospital highlighted that Road Traffic Accidents cause 1/5th of all Global deaths, which is now considered a preventable disease. 90% deaths occur in low and middle income communities and countries due to poor infrastructure and lack of awareness to traffic rules and regulations. Dr. K. V. Menon from AIMS put stun in the initial assessment and resuscitation in which he stressed about the importance of prioritized steps (A,B,C) to be taken in managing the trauma victims. Dr. Murugesh Sukumar from EMC demonstrated how an airway has to be maintained by various steps and equipments. Suspect Airway compromise in all trauma victims and give oxygen in high concentration. If in doubt open airway and ventilate and if required go for definitive airway (Endotracheal intubation). Dr. Ajaykumar from Indo American Hospital, Vaikom discussed about shock, which is defined as inadequate organ perfusion and tissue oxygenation. Hemorrhagic shock is the most common in trauma victims while managing patients with bleeding we have to follow the same protocol ABCDE, which means, even in-patient with severe bleeding airway comes first. Two large bore Cannulae 14 or 16 G has to be inserted in peripheral veins and infuse 1- 2 litres of ringer lactate and see the response by monitoring the vital signs, CNS status, skin perfusion and urinary output. More than 180 doctors attended the meeting, to them the take home message delivered was ďAn ounce of practical experience is worth a tone of knowledge.